Jordan clinic of skin and hair :

The Jordan Clinic of Skin and Hair is one of the most famous clinics in the capital, with the most advanced technologies in the world and the latest beauty equipment and professional young medical team.  The location of this clinic is easily accessible in the vicinity of Mirdamad Bridge

 The employer, Dr. Nilforuszadeh, had decided to rebuild the building, after which the Attis Consulting Engineers, considering the existing structure of the structure, the condition of the columns, etc., ... made significant changes in the strength and strengthening of the structure and the proper design  And modernized for the project.  It can also be said that for the visual beauty and the particular appearance of the building, it was inspired from the form of fluid and fluid flowing hair

 In the selection of executive materials, the project has been used by the new GFRC industry, which has been used to implement the project's elements for the first time in Iran.  One of the strengths and turning points of this project is the flowers on the facade that attracts many eye-catching eyes.

 In this way, the most up-to-date materials and the most luxurious materials in the building industry have been used, we have also been able to build a memorial with the expertise of the professional and efficient professionals of Attis Consulting Engineers. 



     Dr.Nilfourosh zadeh          

     Jordan Clinic of skin and hair                        

     Mr. Amir Darvishnejad             



Function: HEALTH
Location: TEHRAN
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